Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How to License a SpinningMerkaba Remix

Welcome!  This Spinningmerkaba blog serves as a hub for news and information about creative commons remixing, music licensing, and the culture that thrives at the heart of ccMixter.org.  Since I've been a member of ccMixter, my remixes and my samples have spread throughout the net, proof positive of what Creative Commons intended to show, that legal and free file-sharing breeds creativity.  But this isn't all about me, it's about community.  For each remix I've done, there are thousands more by other artists remixing and uploading samples under cc license.  So, although this blog will focus on the world of spinningmerkaba, the universe of ccMixter will come into view as the story unfolds.

The blog starts here, but the story began almost nine years ago, on October 14, 2005, when I uploaded my first samples to ccMixter.  A lot has happened since then, and more is sure to follow, but for now, let's stay current and focus on what's happened recently.

Because of the free sharing aspects of cc music, my catalog of remixes has found its way into some very interesting places.  Some of it is legal, and some is not.  Either way, it's entertaining to see where the music goes, how it's used, and whether or not it is properly attributed and/or licensed.

Alongside the fun, I also have a responsibility to myself and to the other artists contributing to the remix to make sure the music and the culture is valued.  If a track is being used commercially and it is licensed for non-commercial use, then a new licensed is required.  This is where cc+ licensing comes in.

I've been at this for nine years, remixing, building licensing platforms, serving as a ccmixter administrator, and exploring the emergent behavior of Creative Commons music.  I'm happy you found me, and I hope you like the music.  You already have permission to download and share spinningmerkba remixes.  If you need a license above and beyond the cc license for your productions--get one!  It's easy and it's cost effective.  Just click on the icon below!  See you in the mix