Monday, November 28, 2016

More Than Just A Dream

Pixie dust, wooden sword fights, magic hats and ruby slippers all become real when we let go of disbelief and set our imaginations free.  This track, More Than Just A Dream, is a soundtrack for jumping on the bed, staring up at the moon through frosty windows or riding your bicycle in pajamas.  It features the flute playing of my niece Jenna, who was kind enough to let me record her playing during our last visit.  Remember to always pursue your dreams, reach for the stars and go straight on til morning.

As always this song is free to share released under Creative Commons license.  

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hang Loose on Soundcloud

When surf rock and reggae collide in the creative commons world of ccmixter remixing, this is what spins out.  A new spinningmerkaba track featuring Blue Wave Theory, Kara Square, and DJ Vadim entitled "Hang Loose."

Hang Loose is a short 2 minute track that bounces along on samples from Blue Wave Theory, and Kara Square's vocals break it up and lead into a blazing trumpet solo from DJ Vadim's sample archives.  It's available to listen, download and share at Soundcloud, Free Music Archive, and ccMixter.  Add it to your playlists and head out to the beach!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fistful of Dub Remix for Dig the Dubcatcher Event

"Go ahead, load up the Dub"

"Start Diggin'"

Fistful of Dub was remixed and released last weekend for the Dig The Dubcatcher Remix event.  I am stoked to have had the opportunity to remix such great talent.  As part of ccMixter's Dig the Soundtrack call-out for cc pells, samples and remixes, DJ Vadim released source tracks from his new album Dubcatcher2 to the commons for remixing and sharing.  Snowflake uploaded a meditative mix called The Gateway and "Fistful of Dub" features the source from both.

Fistful is available at all SpinningMerkaba music sites, including Free Music Archive, Soundcloud, and Ccmixter.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

David Bowie Tribute Hits Number 1

CcMixter Remix Tops the Electronic Charts At Starfrosch.

The melancholy and somewhat introspective remix The Stars Look Different (Ziggy Stardust Mix) reached the top slot this week!  Inspired by David Bowie's work, the tribute is No. 1 in the electronic charts and No. 62 in the overall #hot100 chart.  If you haven't downloaded the mp3 yet, you can get it at these creative commons websites: or

If you want to remix version of this track you can get all the source files at  If you want to search for more #ccmusic tracks, dig for 'em at

This month also saw the start of spinningmerkaba's twitter page.  I already have 52 followers (thanks!) posted over 120 tweets.  It's turning out to be the place to go for daily updates and other interesting stuff. Follow @spinningmerkaba. You can follow @starfrosch there too.

Starfrosh is the destination for Royalty Free Creative Commons music charts, news and radio. Every Monday their algorithms search for legal and downloadable Creative Commons MP3 tracks from SoundCloud®, Jamendo®, Free Music Archive® and®. They run them trough a Spam filter, sort them by their Hotrank® system to get the #Hot100. Pretty cool huh?


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Swish to Waves Inspired by Kayne West and Wiz Kalifa Twitterstorm

The twitter storm created by Kayne West regarding Wiz Kalifa's comments about Waves, the recently changed album title Kayne is about to release, has overshadowed any of the music these two rap giants have created recently.  The friction became my muse.  I dropped in and mixed this track "Swish to Waves (Kayne vs. Wiz Kalifa Mix feat. Forensic and Cube3)" for those of us who would rather dance than get caught up in the noise of tweets and gossip.

The mix features ccMixter artists Forensic, Cube3 and StellarArtWars, all amazing in their own right and freely uploading source materials to remix.  As with any mix, the muse dictates the flow, and the journey to a final track was filled with hours of inspiration.  Along the way I got a healthy dose of both Kayne's and Kalifa's work.  I hope they use the storm to create their own waves like I did.

"Swish to Waves (Kayne vs. Wiz Kalifa Mix feat. Forensic and Cube3)" is available for download under cc-by-nc license at Free Music Archive, Soundcloud, and

If you need a commercial license, you can purchase one at for your audio and visual productions

Or you can just listen right here!  Turn it up and dance in the twitter storm!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

David Bowie Tribute Licensed to Share

You'd truly have to be floating in a tin can far away from the world to not be inspired by the life and the work of David Bowie.  As an artist and as a human, he opened up doors to new worlds for us to explore.  Throughout the course of my life as an artist, David was a icon of reinvention, creativity and mystery.  His music stands the test of time.  So will Bowie's legacy.

I recorded this song "The Stars Look Different" because I wanted to say thank you through music. Mixed with samples released under Creative Commons, by ccMixter artists stefsax and Dimitri Artimenko, the track is a reminder to me of the creative process, of what inspires us, and of how we communicate.  We are all connected.   Thanks David, you really took the world for a beautifully creative ride.

The Stars Look Different (Ziggy Stardust Mix)

Licensed under Creative Commons to download and share at

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Free YouTube Music for Videos

Thousands upon thousands of YouTube videos feature SpinningMerkaba music.  If however you search for SpinningMerkaba in YouTube's Audio Library, the search comes up empty?  Why?  In fact, if you search for any CcMixter remix artist in YouTube's library, not one match is found.  If you search in YouTube's main search engine, a long list of videos featuring ccMixter artists appears.  This is because the artists are attributing correctly, but YouTube has yet to acknowledge the contributions of Creative Commons artists by including them in their content library.  I for one would like to see that change.

If you would like YouTube to include the catalogue of within their Audio Library, please contact CcMixter's site admin team.  Together we can make Creative Commons Music even easier to share!

There are other great ways to get music until YouTube includes us in their Audio Library.  If you're looking for SpinningMerkaba music to use in your videos, music for your store, music for your commercials, choose Spinning Merkaba's TuneTrack licensing platform.  Looking for free music where "You Already Have Permission" then go to spinningmerkaba's CcMixter page.  We're making music in the commons for the world to share!