Saturday, October 28, 2017

Ghost Notes Remix

The Free Music Archive is a nexus for Creative Commons music, and their uploads to the Ghost Notes remix event at ccMixter showcases their ability to participate in sharing culture at a pro level.  One of the tracks they shared begged for vocals. Yoshimasu Kamiya’s track "She Who Wandered: Infatuation" is a driving instrumental with haunting overtones.  I reworked a poem I wrote at Desert Daze music festival to fit, and She's A Ghost came alive. 

Special thanks to Lemon Yellow Hayes for the lightening on the track they shared.  It's the perfect intro to this Ghost Notes remix. Get down with your demons—it’s good for you.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Royalty Free Instrumentals

I Dunno (Grapes of Wrath Mix) Pays Homage to YouTube Classic.

Dig The Soundtrack 2017 focused on Creative Commons remixes that could be easily placed in Youtube video productions.  Historically, one of the most famously featured tracks from the ccMixter archive is Grape's "I Dunno" remix featuring J.Lang, Morusque, and Forensic.  I decided to remix the remix and pay respect to the track that has gone viral in countless videos across the net.  

Released under Creative Commons License CC-BY 4.0  this track is free to download and share, and even use in commercial productions, as long as you give proper attribution.  Don't know what that means?   Just cut and paste the attribution below into your video description and you're done!  

Spinningmerkaba "I Dunno (Grapes of Wrath Mix)"
licensed cc-by 4.0 

If you need a license or if you're looking for more music to use in your productions  visit my ccMixter page, or e-mail me.  Keep making art!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Barbed Wire Fence Receives Editorial Pick at ccMixter

"Spinningmerkaba starts the new year with a bang in this driven, rebellious, burning fuse of a remix. This one is fiercely motivating!" -Jeris, editor at the world famous remix website. 

I began recording this track because of Nigid's source material, it fit so well with DJ Yegor's loop, and then the melody started coming.  Then the words from my subconscious, and I realized I was working out some anger and sadness about the fucked up bull-shit happening all around me.  On all levels I need bolt cutters.  This song is for you if you can relate.

Available on multiple platforms under cc-by-nc license.