Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Dream Stones Sample Pak (Vocal and Guitar)


Get These Heavy Rock Tones for Free! 

ccMixter's Winter Solstice Event gets hot around the fire of these quintessential stoner rock samples

This creative commons cc-by licensed sample pak is sure to take out into the star space of stoner rock and beyond (I've already received an alt swing remix by apoxode that blew my mind out into another galaxy.)

"I've dropped a few huge hot stones into the collection of Quintessential samples, just to add a little heat and weight into the mix."

Anyway,  rock on sisters and brothers.  It's better to burn out as they say.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Kush MIxes


This mix is currently available for streaming on ccMixter's Patreon page.  39 songs from the archive.  

Feed your head!


Monday, November 1, 2021

TIme Machine Single from Rooted and RIsing Secret Mixter

Spinningmetkaba TIme Machine Single CoverTime Machine is the remix I produced for the Rooted and Rising Secret Mixter.  My assignment this time was Scomber and I found his stems from a 2009 spoken word upload that became the muse for this retro dance track that is bare naked, just like the lyrics suggest.

I haven't been remixing lately as I've been concentrating on releasing singles of original music.  You can find all that by visiting Jason Brock Music.  This was a fun side project that I hope gets you in the mood for some uplifting movement and connecting with your humanity.  

Here's to connecting to each other through music in the space time continuum!  


Friday, February 5, 2021

I'm Just Tired Remix Receives Ed Pick

My contribution to the Waiting remix event was an original song "I'm Just Tired" which was remixed for an Ed Pick by Stefan Kartenberg.

Get all the details here.

I’m Just Tired

I’m not waiting, I’m just tired
Tired of the laughter and the pain
Tired of the sunshine and the rain
I think I’ll go to bed now
And pretend it’s all a game
Where nothing stays the same

Lay down on my soft pillow When I’m curled up in my blanket
And listen to my favorite songs, Feelin where I belong
And a dream a dream that carries on and on and on...

Sunday, January 3, 2021

THe Best of CCmixer 2020: Spin's Picks


Jazz? Breakbeat? Americana? Dance? Ballads? Experimental?  It's all here in a 120 song playlist that highlights the best music released to the world for free to share use under Creative Commons licenses.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Grateful Dead Influenced Remix


This remix features Joe Bone's lyrics and lead vocals.  I played "the Grateful Dead" which was really a great trip down memory lane.  Jerry is a huge influence on my playing as well as all the players in the band.  I didn't realize how infused their style was in my psyche until I started recording this.  If you're a dead head, you know where this song comes from.

Joe Bone is a ccMixter artist and uploaded his vocals to the Time Of Terror remix event.  As soon as I heard the chorus, I imagined the last line being "We Are The Dead Heads" and from there everything fell into place as if Jerry was being channeled somehow.  Even if it's all in my head, it was still a great time jamming in the headphones.  

This song lifts my spirits and I hope it does you the same.  We're all going to the great gig in the sky someday.  Until then, jam on!